Bringing water back to life: Converting contaminants at the molecular level enables our most precious natural resource to become sustainable.


Contamination of potable water sources is one of today’s most important water quality concerns.  Many of these contaminates are harsh chlorinated molecules that are very harmful to the environment. Using cutting edge technology, TerraHydroChem products offer the industrial user powerful and effective remedial products that rely on renewable plant-based chemistries that are safe to use, store and dispose of and comply with all applicable, OSHA, SARA, SNAP, USEPA and USDA regulations for safety.

In our chemistry lab, TerraHydroChem discovered the application of Nano Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) effectively reduces chlorinated organic contaminants (e.g. PCB, TCE, PCE, TCA, pesticides, solvents) and also inorganic anions (perchlorate). We have also had success using nZVI to recover or remove dissolved heavy metals from the emulsion water phase.

From municipalities to mining sites, TerraHydroChem’s chemical technology offers an effective, efficient and economical approach to solving common remedial issues while offering wide ranging environmental benefits. Used in conjunction with our atomizer, TerraHydroChem’s fully biodegradable product line enables fast, high-volume wastewater recycling that degrades countless contaminants with no harmful by-products.  Our process removes from wastewater streams nitrates, chlorine, boron metalloid and other heavy metals while reducing unwanted bacteria, leaving Ag-quality water ready for reuse in a closed-loop system.

produced-water-             Frac water             Lift station

Produced water                         Frac water                                 Lift stations

                          Industrial waste water   

Water treatment plants             Municipal wastewater               Industrial wastewater