Time is money: Returning your assets to service faster,

safer and cleaner – at a lower cost.


Let’s face it; transport vessels produce revenue only when moving product.  Extended downtime for cleaning at terminals or shipyards is costly to the bottom line.  Service turnaround time, therefore, is an important factor when assessing the financial efficiency of asset utilization.  The question then becomes, can shorter turnaround times be achieved safely, effectively and at a lower cost?  With TerraHydroChem, it can.

Safe.  Typically, cleaning the inner surfaces of transport vessels requires workers to strap on hazmat gear and enter the tanks being cleaned.  With TerraHydroChem products, cleaning personnel can remain outside, thereby eliminating exposure to hazardous contaminants and dangerous high-temperature pressure washers.  Also, using our organically formulated, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, workers no longer must handle or be exposed to hazardous cleaning products that can irritate the skin or lungs.

Effective. TerraHydroChem’s proprietary products minimize wastes by converting tank sludge into a liquid that flows naturally to the bottom of the structure, allowing personnel to easily pump out the oil and other remaining fluids.  This is achieved through a two-step cleaning process we call our “1-2 Punch” that first applies our solvent with a low-pressure sprayer, followed by the application of our finishing rinse.  This powerful combination leaves surfaces clean and residue free.

tanker picture  j0180964  barge cleaning

Railcars                                                                                 Tanker cleaning                                                      Barge cleaning