Donald F. Neville – Chairman and CEO

Donald F. Neville, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of TerraHydroChem brings twenty-five years of proven executive leadership, financial and operating background to the organization. He has served as CFO and CEO of private and public companies in the security, high technology, software, real estate and manufacturing industries. Neville’s expertise spans financial reporting, internal controls/SOX, strategic planning, capital markets activities, mergers and acquisitions, public/private offerings, international technology joint ventures, human resources, information technology, insurance/risk management and SEC reporting. Neville previously held senior leadership roles at Assurant Field Asset Services, Reddwerks, Argyle Security, ClearCube Technology, and Plasmaco following several years at Deloitte and Touche.

He is a retired Army Captain and has a BS in Accounting from Fordham University in New York and received his CPA from NY State.

Roger A. Kubala – President and CTO

Roger A. Kubala, President and Chief Technology Officer of TerraHydroChem brings more than thirty-five years of hands-on experience in executive management and business development across multiple industries. His previous experience includes expertise in industries such as construction, rock and quarry, precious metals refining, import/export, as well as international operations. He is known for applying new operational designs into profitable endeavors to better leverage resources for profitable as well as environmentally conscious outcomes.

Kubala attended Texas A&M University Commerce (formerly East Texas State University). He has a background in chemistry, business administration, computer science, architecture, construction and environmental technology.