Green Oilfield Cleansers Cut Cleaning Times 60%TerraHydroChem, an environmental products company, has announced the commercial availability of its petroleum industry cleansing products, TerraSolve and TerraCleanse.

Customers who have used TerraSolve and TerraCleanse report positive results.

Craig Bordelon, operations support supervisor with Mid-South Technologies, says his company cut its storage tank cleaning time by 60 percent with the two-step cleaning process. This allows customers to put storage tanks back in service faster and saves money on labor.

Don Neville, TerraHydroChem CEO, says the products clean caked-on oil deposits from frac tanks, rig equipment, hoses, storage tanks and other oilfield equipment. They also eliminate the environmental concerns associated with the collection and disposal of oil byproduct and caustic cleaning fluids.

TerraHydroChem’s patent-pending products are blended with plant-based constituents. They are nontoxic and biodegradable within days of application.

Toxicology test results have shown TerraHydroChem’s cleansing formulations and associated application runoff routinely produce “non-detect” readings, the company says.

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