Breaking through barriers

Reaching a higher level of performance faster, cheaper and safer.


At its core, TerraHydroChem applies unique chemistry to solve difficult industrial problems.  Our products often produce innovative breakthroughs to challenges once thought to be unsolvable, while doing it better, faster, cheaper and safer than before.  When conducting operations near protected ecosystems, our formula’s plant-based, biodegradable properties alleviate many of the issues caused by competitive products that from the outset are hazardous to the environment.

Our products are used to clean oil pipelines, above ground storage tanks and industrial equipment of hydrocarbon sludge and buildup.  Our technology can be used to remove toxins and residual oil from produced water and other wastewater, recycling it back into use onsite.  We can enable operators to eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly transport of waste and wastewater to distant disposal facilities.

Oil storage tanks pipeline tanker picture Equipment Cleaning Waste water heat exchangers

                     ASTs                                Pipelines                       Railcars                           Equipment                    Wastewater                   Boiler/Heat exchangers