Fulcrum+ is a revolutionary new adjunct product designed to significantly enhance your existing nutrient program at a nominal cost for maximum benefit. It’s constituted from completely natural ingredients and brings together cutting edge technologies in a single formula to improve the health of your soil, enhance plant root growth and nutrient absorption.

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Fulcrum+ significantly increases the cationic exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil and will:

  • Improve Plant Health
  • Improve Water and Nutrient Uptake
  • Naturally Enhance Resistance to Insects & Disease
  • Improve Plant Resistance to Cold
  • Reduce NPK Requirements
  • Extend Growing Seasons
  • Produce Better Tasting Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bring Produce Earlier to Market
  • Improve Shelf Life
  • Breakdown Volatile Organochloride Compounds (VOC’s)

Fulcrum+ is:

  • Organic & 100% Biodegradable
  • Completely Environmentally Safe
  • Non-carcinogenic, Non-Fuming, Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic
  • Requires No Special Handling or Protective Equipment

Technical Characteristics

Fulcrum+ encapsulates four highly specialized technologies into one medium; namely:

  1. A Plant Derived Linear Surfactant
  2. Nano Technology – Nano Scale Zero Valent Iron (NZVI)
  3. Bio Technology – Complex Beneficial Microbiological & Enzymatic Formula
  4. Concentrated Liquid Kelp Extract – Plant Growth Regulators

Through the integration of nano technology with colloidal science, Fulcrum+’s base component is a unique linear surfactant. The linear micelles are able to incorporate key microelements into a positively charged colloidal suspension that significantly enhances the nutrient delivery mechanism to the plant root, by improving the cationic exchange capacity (CEC) in the soil.

Fulcrum+’s soil cleaning effectiveness is derived from the nano scale zero valent iron (nZVI). The nZVI when combined with the oxygen in the soil de-halogenates any plant toxic organochlorides and converts them into non-hazardous by-products.

The specialized microbe and enzyme blend is encapsulated in the micelles of the surfactant base. This biotechnology is carefully produced via a proprietary multi month fermentation process to extract the critical micro elements from the microbiology which are then transferred into the soil when applied in solution; thereby inoculating with and promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms that perform key functions like nitrification and the mineralization of nutrients. A highly concentrated liquid kelp extract, produced by the industry’s highest quality producer, provides a rich array of plant growth hormones that help improve early root development.


SOIL CLEANING ABILITIES – The soil is cleaned and rehabilitated via two primary mechanisms. Firstly the surfactant base delivers a temporary emulsion that allows the release of all contaminates from any surface or media, allowing the nano scale zero valent iron (nZVI) and oxygen to degrade any contaminates. Secondly, the hyper-wetting and deep penetrating emulsion saturates the soil with a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that destroys any toxic residues or pathogens existing in the root zone.

WATER TENSION – Fulcrum+ can lower the dyne to >55 at 25°C

  • Hyper-wetting
  • Deep penetration
  • Mobility of contaminant
  • Destruction of waste layers

WETTING & PENETRATING AGENT – Fulcrum+ can be used with plant growth regulators, and nutrients that require a wetting, spreading and penetrating agent.

BIOTECHNOLOGY – Fulcrum+’s biotechnology works via three primary mechanisms:

The rst mechanism is through its unique biological components, working in unison with specific microelements that catalyzes the growth of beneficial microorganisms that produce plant growth promoting hormones.

The second mechanism is the production of antibiotics produced by the microbes that promote immunity of rhizosphere, specifically targeting plant pathogenic fungi that would otherwise prevent root expansion and restrict growth.

And the third mechanism is the nitrogen xing and mineralization abilities of formula; both by inoculating with and promoting the growth of nitrogen xing microorganisms that can produce forms of nitrogen that are usable by plants; and by producing enzymes that are able to mineralize key nutrients like phosphates into orthophosphates.


Fulcrum+ is shipped in the highest possible concentrate. It can be applied to row crops, pastures, hay, vegetables, fruit and nut trees, bushes, turf, owers and ornamentals.

The amount needed per acre depends upon the size of the plants or trees being treated. Fulcrum+ can be applied to the leaves, trunks and roots. One gallon will stimulate between 15 to 25 row-crop acres, averaging 20 acres per gallon of Fulcrum+. Farmers and growers typically apply the solution every 2-4 weeks or as determined by your crop needs.

Our people are committed to innovation and excellence, our chemists and formulators, strive to deliver the highest quality, most affordable products to market. Our goal is to help farmers grow strong, healthy plants through sustainable methods that benefit the environment.

Our facility is located in New Braunfels, Texas, all our formulations are blended and packaged on site. State of the art equipment integrates nano technology and colloidal science in a patented process to create unrivaled fertilizer boosting products.