Caring for Our Natural Resources Every Step of the Way


As an environmental products company, TerraHydroChem seeks to return natural resources back to their original state, which in turn helps operators strengthen the environmental integrity of the oilfield.

Instead of transporting hazardous oilfield byproducts for disposal at great expense, our plant-based products used in concert with our on-site recycling technologies cost-effectively convert unusable and often toxic substances into site-reusable, organic material that when tested have significantly exceeded the most rigorous environmental standards.  Our products and methodologies are generally more effective and less expensive than current practices while also environmentally friendly.

Additionally, oilfield operators can utilize TerraHydroChem’s green chemistry for other applications where the removal or separation of hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon buildup is beneficial, including enhanced oil recovery and cleaning of storage tanks or other oilfield assets. We can also provide proprietary chemistries proven to very effective at addressing various hydrocarbon elements that can restrict oil recovery such as paraffin and asphaltenes.

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