Bob Sloan brings years of senior sales and executive management experience to the team. An oil and gas veteran, Sloan will be key to TerraHydroChem’s sales, growth and deployment of equipment and services. He also has the intuitive ability to identify new technologies that are progressive and environmentally conscious for the oil and gas industry.

Sloan has been recognized many times by industry leaders as an expert in completions fluid, flowback and produced water for shale frac water recycling. His experience covers a broad spectrum including:  water treatment technologies, membrane distillation and evaporation/distillate for re-use,  knowledge in specialty chemicals and tools for wellbore cleanups of water and oil base drilling fluids, greases, oils and other solid contaminates, as well as expertise in sales, marketing and operations within the oil and gas industry globally.

He graduated from the University of Arkansas, and majored in Chemistry.