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TerraHydroChem, an environmental products company, applies innovative chemistry to solve difficult and costly industrial challenges, primarily through onsite cleaning, treatment and/or recycling of hazardous waste and wastewater. Using nanoscale technologies, our products are formulated with plant-based derivatives, enabling our customers to reach previously unattainable levels of performance while reducing costs, speeding up workflow and improving the environmental integrity of their entire operation.

Our patent-pending processes, used with our proprietary products formulated with nanoscale technology, significantly reduce or eliminate hazardous wastes, including highly toxic wastes. Typically contaminants are hauled away to EPA-approved disposal sites at considerable expense to operators as well as nearby communities through excessive wear and tear on local roadways. Rather than relocating the problem elsewhere, TerraHydroChem’s products are applied to waste streams at the work site, converting hazardous substances into site-reusable, organic byproducts that significantly exceed the environmental standards required by state and federal regulations.

This success empowers our customers to break through once-stubborn barriers that frequently cause their operations to be inefficient, underutilize and/or waste natural resources and, all too often, have an adverse impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Moreover, the integration of TerraHydroChem’s cleaning and recycling solutions into day-to-day hazardous waste management programs help position our customers on the leading edge of bio-responsible stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

Ideally Formulated For The Oilfield

Rooted in TerraHydroChem’s passion to develop breakthrough solutions from chemistry, the potential benefits of our product portfolio and customized blends are virtually limitless. Our core product portfolio is ideally suited to tackle a number of difficult challenges in the E&P industry. The massive expansion of oil and gas well drilling and fracturing operations in the U.S. have created tremendous demand for environmentally compatible solutions that can treat, recycle and cleanse hazardous waste and wastewater at the well site. Not only can we significantly reduce the cost of operations by eliminating the transportation and disposal of hazardous material to offsite locations, but our mobile water recycling system is designed to process flowback volumes at a rate of up to 500 barrels per hour, faster than competitive treatments and keeping pace with operators’ drilling, fracking and production activities.

Designed For Stringent Industry Standards

Our products are formulated to meet or exceed even the most stringent federal and state regulations by agencies like the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), which have published standards for post-remediation concentrations of organochlorides, oil and grease.

Test Results Are Extraordinary

TerraHydroChem’s solutions sets the bar higher than most standards require. For example:

  • Treatments of organochlorides in both soil and water have consistently achieved non-detect levels.
  • Achieved reductions below 30% acceptance levels of boron in produced water.
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) reduction is less than 0.5 ppm in soils and non-detect in water.
  • More than two dozen soil contaminants of concern were reduced 98% after post-treatment from an open pit (sampling event performed by independent third party).

This unmatched level of performance gives our customers the confidence their operations will continue to be in compliance should future tightening of regulatory standards occur. Additionally, we have a strong commitment to maintaining our leadership position by continuously investing in research and development. This investment enables us to improve the effectiveness and performance of our current products and remain on the leading edge of new product development. Your counting on us to stay ahead is our formula for success.

Ready To Tackle Your Problem

TerraHydroChem operates a blending facility at its headquarters in New Braunfels, located deep in the heart of Texas. We welcome inquiries and discussions about unique challenges. We would be delighted to customize a solution for your business — it’s in our chemistry.