Put yourself in the shoes of cleaning personnel whose job is as follows: Crawl inside a tank car in protective clothing equipped with full face air supply and vapor level monitor to scrape down interior walls, shovel off the bottom crude oil sludge and clean surfaces with a high-pressure sprayer – but first must wait for residual vapors in the tanker to fall below levels where they won’t ignite.  Sound like the safest plan?  We don’t think so.  TerraHydroChem’s biodegradable products are so effective at liquefying hydrocarbons for easy removal that entry into the tank is no longer necessary.   No more scraping or shoveling and protective gear can stay in the truck.  Our cleaning methodology is faster, cleaner and friendly to workers and the environment, all at a lower cost.  Compared to legacy cleaning methodologies, railcar assets can return to service is less than half the time.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: RCS-100, RCC, RCAS 200, RCPS