Good as gold:

Innovation in TerraHydroChem’s lab solves costly,

hazardous wastewater juggernaut.


As mining operations expand around the globe, companies understand the need and are prepared to comply with local and national government rules and regulations.  Yet the cost of meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements can pale in comparison to the liability of cleanup costs associated with an accidental release or spill of hazardous wastewater into the surrounding environment – not to mention the social outrage a company could face in the aftermath of an unfortunate incident.

Few issues are as important in the mining industry today than minimizing the unintentional release of toxic, metals-laden wastewater discharged from extraction operations and held in tailings ponds.  Rainy seasons in equatorial climates complicate matters further, causing the overflow of hazardous wastewater runoff near the mining site and into local waterways.

TerraHydroChem’s groundbreaking wastewater recycling system neutralizes contamination at its source, eliminating the potential for toxins such as cyanide and heavy metals from harming plant and animal life in the surrounding environment and potentially miles downstream.  Not only does TerraHydroChem’s organic chemistry rid wastewater of hazardous materials, the treated water can be reused in mining operations, thus reducing costs and saving precious water resources.

Mine discharge water  Mine discharge water 3  discharge water 2

Discharge water