With the continuing reality of depressed oil prices, operators are realizing that they are in the “water business” whether they like or not.  Many formations produce a multiple factor of production water relative to oil production, leading to the challenge of cost effective treatment or disposal.  While there are numerous water recycling technologies that have been tried over the years, and some have even had limited deployment, they generally cost too much and cannot meet flow demands to keep pace with the need.   As a result, operators continue to rely on the transport and use of SWD wells to dispose of their flow back and production water. The transportation and disposal of flow back and production water can be costly, especially considering depressed oil pricing due to current market conditions.

TerraHydroChem offers its own technological innovations to solving this challenging industry problem.  We have designed an onsite wastewater treatment system capable of recovering hydrocarbons, eliminating toxins, and removing organochlorides resulting in water that meets agriculture discharge standards.  The recycled water can then be reused by the operator for use on the next well or for dust suppression.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TC-1200, TM-1000